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When Mike McCorkle took on his first project as owner of his own construction company in 1984, he was unaware that it would entail more than a simple renovation. “I guess you could say that I got off to a great start,” he says with a grin. “My customer had six daughters. She suggested that I call one of them. I did. Donna is now my wife and my first customer is now my mother-in-law.”

Fate may have brought Donna and Mike McCorkle together, but it has been over 20 years of hard work and a dedication to fine craftsmanship that has earned McCorkle and his firm, Micon Construction, Inc., a distinguished reputation for construction excellence in this area.

McCorkle began his career in high school, working during the summer for a company that specialized in historic restorations and renovations. Bitten by the building bug, McCorkle attended a trade school in Lancaster, PA, to learn master carpentry and earn a degree in construction management. He says he wanted to learn “the theory behind the reality.” He returned to the renovations firm and worked there full-time until 1984, when he formed Micon Construction, Inc.

Since then, Mike and his team have earned a distinguished reputation for exceptional quality work throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.

We believe in superior craftsmanship, and building strong, long-term successful relationships with leading architects in the area. Our expertise in construction skill, professionalism, adherence to local codes, faithful fulfillment to architectural drawings and experience working with materials of all sorts, will result in a superior standard of quality.

Our team has been rewarded with the opportunity to bring to life something our clients had only seen drawn on paper or envisioned in their minds. We welcome the opportunity of making your construction dreams come true.